Dress Code


Dress Code

On the course and in the clubhouse

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We aim to operate contemporary and forward-thinking policies, including a modern dress code to make members, guests and visitors feel welcome and comfortable within our club. 

With this in mind, our dress code simply outlines a smart, neat and clean, standard of dress both on and off the course.  

It is hoped that everyone will assist in maintaining the high standards expected, respectfully maintaining the traditions of our club.

On the Golf Course


  • Recognised golf, sports and casual wear
  • Tailored trousers or shorts of an appropriate length for golf 
  • Shirts should be “tucked in”, unless designed to be worn untucked
  • Hats and baseball caps (peak to the front)
  • Recognised golf footwear


  • Track Suits and Jogging Suits
  • Trainers
  • Denim jeans, Combat and Camouflage Trousers
  • Rugby/Football Shirts or Shorts
  • Collarless Tee Shirts

Mobile Phones
If you must take your phone onto the course please consider other golfers – put your phone on ‘silent’ and ensure use of your phone does not hold up play.

In the Clubhouse


  • Smart casual clothing, including denim, is acceptable.
  • Gentlemen are asked to remove caps and other hats.
Out of respect for all, please take care not to cause offence when smoking outside the clubhouse.

Presentation Nights
All prize winners must be smartly dressed when receiving their prize. The specific dress code is at the sole discretion of the Captain.

Club staff are authorised to approach those not adhering to the regulations. This may result in a request to leave either the course, practice facilities or Clubhouse.

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