Hole in One

Check if you qualify for a free Hugo Boss watch

Hole in One Club

Golfers who are lucky enough – or skilful enough – to record a verified hole-in-one in a club competition will receive a limited-edition watch and membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1 Club.

The rules are simple:

  • Any club golfer who scores a hole-in-one, in a handicap qualifying competition published to HowDidiDo, will receive a free Hugo Boss Watch. To see if you qualify, simply check if your score is on the HowDidiDo
  • The competition must be an individual, handicap qualifying round. Knock-outs, Foursomes, Greensomes, Better-Ball and team events don’t count.
  • Make sure you are registered on HowDidiDo. If you are not registered, you need to do so and add your email address so that Club Systems can contact you with details of how to claim. 

You are also eligible to enter England Golf’s monthly Hole in One Free Prize Draw.

Drinks All Round!!

If you follow tradition and celebrate by buying a round of drinks, your personal hole-in-one insurance will cover what could be a very large bar bill. 

If you do not have hole-in-one insurance you can claim through the Club’s insurer. Our current insurers will reimburse you up to, but no more than £75.  

You must provide ONE correctly dated itemised till receipt from the Club bar for the amount claimed

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