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Pro's Informal - Results

Roger Lomas 42pts (cpo)
2nd Bill Barrett 42pts
3rd Paul Mckee 39pts 

1st Phil Aitken 41 pts
2nd Paul Mckee 39 pts (cpo)
3rd Paul Hobin 39 pts
4th Lee Hartney 38 pts

1st T Gillespie+F O’brien 45pts c.p.o
2nd C Whitworth+P Seabourne 45pts

Winter League Order of Merit

17pts P Aitken
12pts J Redston
10pts J Ballinger
9pts P Mckee
9pts P Hobin
9pts T Walker
7pts L Hartney
7pts M Stubbs
7pts D Southern
7pts P Seabourne
7pts C Atkinson
6pts T Gillespie
5pts R Marr
5pts L Dean
3pts R Pownell
3pts S Proffitt
3pts W Holland
3pts G Ballinger
3pts N Midgley
3pts P Mooney

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