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Pro's Informal - Results

1st Place Neil Dunn 25pts
2nd place Bill Barrett 24pts

1st place  Mel Phillips 27pts

2nd place Bob Pownell 25pts

3rd place Stuart Proffitt 24pts c.p.o
4th place Sean Simpson 24pts c.p.o

1st place L Smith / C Borlace 33pts
2nd place P Morgan / A Gunning 32pts

Winter League Order of Merit

47pts R Marr
28pts R Pownell
26pts P Aitken
25pts T Gillespie
23pts S Proffitt
23pts B Barrett
20pts P Gilchrist
19pts G Ballinger
18pts S Simpson
17pts J Ballinger
15pts T Walker
15pts P Mooney
14pts D Murray
14pts S Ainscough
13pts P Mckee
12pts J Redston
12pts K Burns
1opts M Phillips
10pts M Merriman
9pts P Morgan
9pts T Stocks
9pts P Hobin
8pts R Desmond
8pts D Southern
8pts D Torr
7pts R Lomas
7pts S Garforth
7pts L Hartney
7pts M Stubbs
7pts P Seabourn
7pts N Dunn
7pts C Atkinson
6pts E Keating
6pts J Bell
5pts F Obrien
5pts N Yates
5pts D Parish
5pts M Lynch
5pts F Fannon
5pts L Smith
5pts M Topping
5pts L Dean
4pts A Quayle
4pts P Latham
4pts S Clayton
3pts R Neild
3pts M Jones
3pts W Holland
3pts N Midgley
2pts J Johnson

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